Madeline: Married. Bored. You Know
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Haley: That's What BFF's R 4
The Benjamin Chronicles:
A Collection of Smut!
Mallory Malloy

Adventures In Lust. Adventures In Love. But mainly lust.
Courtney: Daddy Issues, Anyone?
Emily: Lights...Camera...Dildo
Kimberly: A Love Story: Love conquers all, where sex merely satisfies.
Elaine: Sex And The Single Ambassador
Note: New stories are added every three weeks or so! 

Nat's Story: There's Sex and There's Love. Either Way, There's Nat 
Claire: A Love Story
Nat's Story: Nat's first time. Beth's 3,728th time. And Nat is off and running.
Get Some.
 Meet The Gentleman 
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Mallory Malloy Erotica:
Deep Desires.
Deeper Secrets.
I had always been good company for myself.
- Charles Bukowski, Ham On Rye

Danielle: The Granddaughter Benjamin Was Warned About
Harriet: It's A Family Affair
Valerie: Robbing The Cradle Before Dementia Sets In
Karen: Deep lust. Deep like. Deep pockets
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Anna: Let's Get A Room And Talk About Your Raise
Another from Ham On Rye. Each one of us must be able to make this statement. We must like ourselves and be able to along with ourselves before we will be able to get along with anyone else.
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Madame President: Nat spends some quality time with the Commander-in-Chief
From college to the advanced stages of a professional career, Benjamin has a habit of sleeping with women he probably shouldn't. But he's funny and handsome with that ineffable something that leads women - not to mention their mothers and daughters and BFFs - straight into his bed, so what's a guy to do?   
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